Chloe tees off year in fine style

Jan 24, 2023 | Golf, Individual Athlete, News

Chloe Veeran has swung into the new year with plenty to look forward to, having recently earned a couple of exciting opportunities to advance her promising golf game.

The Busselton teenager made GolfWA’s Talent Development Program Tier 1 earlier this year in addition to the 2023 Junior State Squad which was selected in November.

The Talent Development Program is a two-tiered program that offers on-course clinics and testing as well as off-course workshops, with Veeran participating in the upper tier of the junior development pathway.

As a result of the 15-year-old’s performances at 2022 Junior Opens, the young talent has the chance of being called up to compete for WA at events.

With a fast swing speed and a long iron play, the South West Academy of Sport scholarship holder has been shining on the green having taken out a ladies club championship in Busselton last year that she’d had in her sights for a while.

“I think every win is a good win,” Veeran said.

“Even sometimes when you’ve had a bad round but you feel like you played well.

“And sometimes you have a good round but you feel like you didn’t. Like your technique wasn’t there. Like there will be times when something is off and you’ll get away with it and vice versa.”

Continuing to improve and beat her personal best is a goal of Veeran, who first picked up a golf club as a youngster in South Africa before taking the game more seriously around age 10 in Australia when it was discovered she possessed a good swing.

“No matter what the comps are, I still want to drop my handicap and keep improving because I might not win everything but if I keep on improving them something will come,” she said.

A leading South West junior, Veeran received a boost when she was accepted into the SWAS Individual Athlete Support Program, which assists aspiring athletes on their sporting journeys.

“It made me feel great about myself that someone was watching. Especially when you’re down south, I think it’s hard to get that recognition,” she said.

“I’m extremely grateful and thankful to Shani Waugh – my coach, Bernice Butlion – SWAS, and Marc Pike – GolfWA for all their hard work in creating a platform that allows a regional golfer the opportunity to compete on the big stage.

“Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2023.”

GolfWA game development and performance manager Marc Pike said the State body for amateur golf in WA believed all regional academies of sport enable more decentralised programs that benefits the athletes and their families.

“Chloe achieving the Junior State Squad is a testament to the hard work and dedication she puts in that is complemented by the contribution from her family, regional golf clubs and coach support networks and undoubtedly SWAS initiatives,” Pike said.

“We look forward to supporting regional development further statewide to create opportunities for any aspiring young golfers to follow their goals and dreams – just like Chloe.”