Your chance to catch the SWAS athletes who fly with the Jets

Jun 28, 2022 | Netball, News

If you want to see some of the region’s most exciting netball players in action, head to the Eaton Recreation Centre this Saturday and cheer on the ECU Souwest Jets.

Among the starlets of the game you will see on the court helping the South West side battle for supremacy in the State’s premier netball league will be South West Academy of Sport scholarship holders.

With the Academy supporting the careers of some of the most promising young sportswomen in the region, it is becoming a tradition for SWAS athletes to be selected to play in the Gold Industry Group West Australian Netball League (GIG WANL).

This year, SWAS athletes Molly Miller, Abbey Pitts, Tessa Kilchenmann, Rachel Kilchenmann, Isabel Legros and Daisy De Morton have been providing a talent injection into the under-20 side, with Abbey Hall on board as a training partner and also competing.

Meanwhile, SWAS alumni continue to progress in their sporting careers as members of the Open side, with the GIG WANL serving as the primary pathway to the West Coast Fever program.

SWAS netball head coach Dale Nielsen said SWAS netball players who earned a position in the competition were provided with valuable exposure to top-level competition.

“The SWAS athletes benefit because they are playing the best athletes in WA on a weekly basis,” Nielsen said.

The ECU Souwest Jets and Peel Lightning under-20 sides will go head-to-head during a ‘Gold Round’ match at the Eaton Recreation Centre this Saturday July 2, from 6.15pm. The Open side plays at 4pm.