Olympians Unleashed inspires next generation of potential sporting stars

Sep 28, 2021 | Events, News

The importance of mindset to an athlete’s success was one of the topics highlighted at an Olympians Unleashed event hosted by the City of Bunbury and South West Academy of Sport.

Olympian and basketball star Nat Burton, who was recently announced as the new Perth Lynx assistant coach, was one of three sporting heroes who spoke to up-and-coming athlete during an evening of inspirational talks.

“I think that it’s really important that athletes start to realise that we’re really good at training our bodies physically. We know all the exercise we need to do to get better, stronger, faster – but we’ve left our minds behind. And, so, we can tap into that and we can strengthen our mindsets, it’s going to help us on the court – or on the field – but also off the court,” Burton said.

“It’s going to help us in all areas of our lives so it’s not just about the sport.”

Burton, who wore the green and gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics, also spoke of the importance of family to the support network of an athlete and asking for help when needed.

“Sometimes you actually have to ask for that help,” Burton said.

“And you can’t just expect it. You’ve got to actually go and find it and it will be there for you.”

Also speaking at the event was sprint kayaker Yale Steinepreis and water polo champion Luci Marsh.

Olympics Unleashed, presented by Optus, is a new initiative in Western Australia and is a partnership between the Australian Olympic Committee and the Western Australian Government. The program was developed in consultation with the Western Australian Department of Education and Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.