Netball players deliver on-court sting

Sep 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

The South West Academy of Sport’s netball program is proving to be a valuable training ground for emerging netball stars, with a record number of athletes linked to the organisation having achieved selection into this year’s Western Sting squad.

Former SWAS scholarship holders Giselle Taylor, Ella Taylor, Ingrid Colyer, Brooke Gibson and Brooke Repacholi were all catapulted into the 2021 squad.
“This is the first year we have had five ex-SWAS players in the Western Sting squad,” SWAS netball head coach Dale Nielson said.

“This a massive achievement and one that all of the South West should be very proud of, as they have contributed to their development and success.

“The SWAS netball program provided opportunities for them to continue to grow and develop with their expertise and support.

“As a coach, it is pleasing to see so many of our athletes continue to achieve in our sport.”

As part of the SWAS suite of partner sports, the SWAS netball program ensures a holistic approach to the development of athletes by providing access to training, coaching, services and opportunities.

Athletes in the netball program have gone on to earn WAIS scholarships and compete at high levels including for the West Coast Fever, with many playing for the ECU Souwest Jets.