Joshua riding high as Europe beckons

Feb 22, 2022 | Alumni, News

South West Academy of Sport alumni athlete Joshua Commons is on the road to making his debut on the European cycling scene after being picked up by a Belgium-based team.

The 18-year-old recently secured a position with Mysenlan, which opens the door for the all-rounder to race in countries like Belgium, Netherlands and France this year.

For Commons, achieving his goal of competing internationally in Europe is also an exciting personal growth opportunity that provides him with the opportunity to live overseas in a team house.

“I’m training, training, training and getting ready for the big goal which is Europe,” Commons said.

“It’s what pros do really. They come here, go to another country, and train all the time and once the season starts, they fly back over to race.

“It’s more like a job. Your training is work and racing is work.”

Considered an all-rounder, Commons enjoys being able to compete in different disciplines of the sport.

“I can sprint. I can time trial. And I can climb. So, why not do all three,” Commons said.