The SWAS Australian Rules Football Sports program is recognised as the premier regional football talent program in Western Australia.

Adopting the principles of long-term athlete development, the program’s primary goal is to enhance the elite level prospects of the South West region’s most talented footballers by providing them with:

  • Screenings by a sports doctor.
  • Musculoskeletal screening services.
  • Rehabilitation as required.
  • Specialised and individualised coaching services from the region’s best youth coaches, focusing on individual needs.
  • Specialised and individualised coaching services provided by State Academy, AFL and WAFL club coaching staff.
  • An elite level training environment where players are extended and challenged beyond their existing skill set.
  • Access to current fitness and skills testing and analysis.
  • Direct access to the Australian Rules Football talent pathway.
  • Life skills education in the areas of nutrition, performance skills training, best practice recovery techniques and public speaking workshops.
  • Individualised conditioning programs based on fitness testing results.
  • Individualised core and basic strength programs based on individual needs and level of ability.
  • In addition to addressing sport specific needs, the program also aims to develop community-minded and self-sufficient young men.

Glenn Omodei (WAFC Football Development Manager, SW Region)

Jamie Douse (Head Coach / WAFC SW Talent and Coaching)

Adam Shine (Assistant Coach)