Jeremy Barraclough officially recognised

During his time in Melbourne, Jeremy Barraclough coached about 40 young talents who went on to become AFL players. Household names like Josh Kennedy, Robbie Tarrant and Patrick Ambrose.

But it is coaching promising young athletes in the South West that has led to the school teacher and footy coach being formally recognised for his work nurturing the next generation of sports stars.

The Gelorup resident was named the recipient of this year’s Wally Foreman Coach of the Year Award at the South West Academy of Sport’s annual awards dinner in November.

The prestigious accolade is presented each year to an individual in the local community who has attained a high level of excellence in the field of coaching and whose performance sets them apart from their peers.

Barraclough, who has been a teacher for 20 years including at Xavier College in Melbourne, currently coaches footy at Manea Senior College and teaches up-and-coming sports men and women in a range of disciplines at SEDA WA in Bunbury.

“Some of these might be state cricket players or very talented football or soccer players. They’ve just got that common love of sport,” Barraclough said.

The family man, who has five children of his own, enjoys the community aspect of coaching in the South West.

“The coaching I love because it is such a close-knit network and sporting competition that you get to know the teams and the other coaches and players, which nice,” Barraclough said.