Named current Busselton Golf Club Junior Champion

A setback is what put Mark Holland on the pathway to achieving his sporting goals.

The Busselton teenager decided to drop high impact sports like basketball, soccer and tennis to take up golf after developing Sever’s Disease, a common cause of severe heel pain that can sideline young athletes.

His decision to try his luck on the golf course has paid off, with the 16-year-old sportsman proving to be a winning force and outshining older competitors.

“Being able to play in open men’s events has been really great,” Holland said.

“I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience and confidence in my game.”

The Georgiana Molloy Anglican School student recently won the overall nett at this year’s West Coast Open and was also named the 2020 Busselton Golf Club Junior Champion.

Other notable achievements include winning the 2019 Capel Retravision Junior Open, claiming the junior section of the 2019 Jetline Capel Pro-Am, being the nett overall winner of the 2018 Goldfields Junior Desert Open and achieving selection to represent the regional team in Division 2 of Junior Pennants in 2019 and 2020.

His potential in the sport has been recognised, with selection to the South West Academy of Sport’s Individual Athlete Support Program and the South West Development Squad providing him with greater opportunities to further develop his game.

Joining the growing list of SWAS athletes treading a pathway to the US to take up student-athlete scholarships is a goal for the talent.

“I would like to try and apply for a scholarship in America to go to a golf college over there,” Holland said.

“That would obviously be the dream.”