Meet one of our newest recruits

Emerging cyclist Lowen Ferry is happy to help his teammates shine, even if it means he is not always the one standing on the podium.

“I like to see myself as more of a helper for the team and for the other guys in the team who are in a better position to win,” Ferry said.

The 18-year-old Dalyellup resident counts being part of the Velofit Australia racing team as being the highlight of his cycling career so far.

“The team has been absolutely amazing and the experience I’ve been able to get over the last year or even couple of years has been really, really good,” Ferry said.

“There are some guys in there who have got some great experience and some great knowledge of the sport, and they have taught me a lot already about how to be a really good cyclist and also how to be a good person as well.”

This month, Ferry has been over in Adelaide at the Santos Festival of Cycling – not as a rider but as a staff member supporting riders throughout the four stages of racing.

The new South West Academy of Sport recruit, who is considering branching into other areas of the sport including triathlon, said being part of the not-for-profit organisation’s Individual Athlete Support Program had already been “brilliant”.

“It enables me to learn from other people and those who have been in sport longer, and is teaching me the physical side of things, the nutritional side of things – teaching me how to look after my body as well as mentally,” Ferry said.