Dressage talent one of new individual athletes

Emerging dressage star Lauren Rowe is saddling up to compete in Western Australia’s largest youth equestrian event.

Next week, the South West Academy of Sport athlete will represent the School of Isolated and Distance Education at the Saddles Plus Interschool Equestrian Festival.

The event being held in Perth over October 3 and 4 will be another opportunity for the Capel teenager and her pony Cadillac to shine in the equestrian artistic sport of dressage.

A skilled event in which predetermined movements known as figures are performed, dressage involves rider and horse carrying out a dance-like routine.

Rowe has a proven she has a talent for dressage, with Equestrian Western Australia selecting her for further development through its Rising Star and High Performance programs.

The young athlete has excelled on the state’s stage, and represented WA numerous times with a highlight seeing her compete at the 2019 Pony Club Australia National Championships in Sydney.

Having a good relationship with her ponies is important to her success, with the 15-year-old enjoying a winning partnership with Cadillac.

“Some horses you just click with and it works – and we have that bond where we work well together,” Rowe said.