Assisting Kookaburras to delivery community clinics

South West Academy of Sport athletes receive support as part of their sporting journey – but they also give back.

And proof of that was recently seen when the academy’s hockey players helped out at clinics for local primary school-aged talents.

The SWAS hockey players assisted Kookaburras Tom Wickham and Matt Dawson to run the development clinics organised by Bunbury Hockey Association.

It was a great chance for the SWAS talents to act as role models and support the community, while learning from two of the best in the game.

SWAS chief executive officer Bernice Butlion said the academy’s athletes are encouraged to consider both their on and off field performances, which includes giving back to the community.

“Our athletes were once juniors and are now at a senior level. They can now help the youngsters coming through the ranks,” she said.

Along with Australian Rules football and netball, hockey is one of three partner sports programs offered by SWAS. The academy also runs an Individual Athlete Support Program for up-and-coming sports men and women whose code is not covered by the partner sports programs.