Workshop dishes up advice on making good food choices

Athletes are a bit like cars – they don’t get very far when running on empty.

That is why it is important for young sports men and women to learn about nutrition and the need to fuel themselves for performance.

South West Academy of Sport athletes recently had the opportunity to participate in a practical workshop with dietitian Fiona Collins that aimed to provoke thinking about meal choices.

Sponsored by Southern Ports, the session held at Maker + Co saw athletes get hands-on with preparing food.

SWAS chief executive officer Bernice Butlion said the workshop was well-attended by athletes across a range of disciplines.

“We want athletes to think about the food they are eating and what it is doing to their bodies,” Butlion said.

SWAS has been assisting regional athletes in the South West since 2008, when it was established to even the playing field between regional athletes in the South West and their peers in the Perth metropolitan area.

The academy takes a holistic approach to the development of its athletes, providing access to training, coaching and support services in the region.