Doors open to a professional basketball career

Cory Richardson is on the verge of realising his dream of playing professional basketball, with the Bunbury product on the pathway to becoming Australia’s next export success story.

It’s an exciting time for the 25-year-old, who is getting his visa sorted with the intention of jetting to Europe and being drafted to a professional team.

“I’ve worked for it and prepared for it my entire life, and now almost reaching the dream you’ve set out for so long, feels surreal,” Richardson said.

The gun combo guard’s big break came when he was recently talent scouted and invited to attend a placement camp after four years on student-athlete scholarships at Canadian colleges.

The camp took place in Spain near Barcelona from February to March and was also attended by potential future stars from America.

“We pretty much just trained twice a day, every day for a month straight,” Richardson said.

The hard work paid off and he is now preparing to head back to Europe to talk to teams about a future in the game.

In the meantime, he’s happy to be back in his old stomping ground and taking to the court this season for the South West Slammers.

Richardson enjoyed a proud basketball history in the South West during his formative years, with his many accomplishments including being selected to represent Australia at the 2010 FIBA Under-17 World Championship in Germany.

In the same year, he was named Sports Star of the Year by the South West Academy of Sport, an organisation he says was helpful in setting him up for a career in sport.

“SWAS gave me the initial taste of being a professional athlete,” Richardson said.

“They brought nutritionists in, they brought high performance coaches in. You learn how to refill your body, stay prepared all the time.

“That really helped me transition to the college situation.”

Now Richardson, who has had a basketball in his hand since he was about three, is ready to make another transition.

“After my four years of college, it was ‘right, you’ve done your amateur stuff, let’s try to build yourself into being a professional athlete now’,” he said.