Offered contract with TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg

Emerging star Connor Lambert has ramped up his training – and is now aiming to clock up to 700 kilometres behind the handlebars each week – in anticipation of taking one of the biggest steps in his cycling career.

In March, the South West Academy of Sport athlete will fly to the Netherlands where he will spend six months racing with TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg.

The overseas stint will give the 18-year-old the opportunity to experience life as a professional cyclist and also potentially open up valuable contacts as he strives to crack higher representative levels in the sport.

During his time in Europe, Lambert will compete in events in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg Ireland and the Czech Republic.

“Hopefully if I get some results – which depending on how I’m riding and the type of race – I could get noticed by some of the bigger under-23 development teams,” Lambert said.

“That will give me more options and pathways into where I eventually want to lead to.”

Lambert, who was named the SWAS Male Individual Athlete of the Year in December, is no stranger to racing overseas.

In July and August last year, he put himself to the test in Belgium where he scored a third place finish in an under-19 race.

The chance to return to Europe came after Lambert’s WA-based OTOC Vault team sent female riders to race with TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg last year.

“My team manager got in contact with them wondering if they had any spots for some male riders,” Lambert said.

“And then they offered myself and two teammates a contract. And we signed as fast as we could.”