A must-read for athletes coming up through the ranks

Connor Lambert is an up-and-coming cyclist and former South West Academy of Sport athlete. He heads to Europe on March 18 to race with the Belgian competition team Mysenlan-SPIE-Douterloigne CT.

As he gets closer to achieving his goal of becoming a professional cyclist, he shares some advice for athletes coming up through the ranks.


Lessons learned?

For me, the biggest lessons that I have learnt in the last couple years have been to have good nutrition and to know how to look after your equipment. I learnt the hard way that having a poor diet had a big effect on performance as it would be like putting cheap fuel into an F1 car. I have noticed now with changing up my diet that I have more energy and have been healthier. Looking after your equipment and making sure everything is running well is also important as it reduces the chance of having mishaps in competition which ultimately happen to occur in the most inopportune time.


Any advice for up-and-coming athletes?

My advice for any young athlete hoping to achieve anything in their sport would be to always make sure that you are enjoying it. Because anyone can be good but if you really love the sport you are willing to work that little bit harder than people that don’t and those little percentages make all the difference when it comes down to business.