Meet the performance psychologist

At the South West Academy of Sport, there is a team of support service providers working behind the scenes to help athletes enhance their performance.

Among these is Bunbury’s Dom Marzano who offers a performance psychology service to teenagers in the academy.

Through his work, Marzano assists young athletes with lifestyle changes, coping skills, resilience and mental toughness to address life and sports-related challenges.

A focus is on helping with performance issues, coping with competing and participating at a higher level, post-performance and event support, as well as personal issues linked to health, wellbeing and team dynamics.

“These services and the other allied services SWAS provides are important to anyone who wants to improve their performance and wellbeing, especially athletes performing at this level,” Marzano said.

“Athletes are encouraged to focus on the process and approach to performance.

“This is more likely to achieve a medal, rather than focusing on winning and medal expectations.”

Marzano said he was pleased to be able to support the region’s young athletes through his involvement with SWAS.

“People find meaning in different things,” he said.

“I find my meaning in helping people overcome their mental health issues and adversity, achieving wellbeing in their lives and striving to reach their potential.

“SWAS gives me this wonderful opportunity to help these young people and I really appreciate the privilege to be involved.”

Other support services provided by SWAS as part of its holistic approach to athlete development include exercise physiology, physiotherapy and nutrition.